conflict coaching

Conflict coaching offers support in dealing with situations of conflict. It is helpful if you want to solve a dispute and the other party is not, or not yet, willing or able to co-operate in finding a solution. Such situations can cause a feeling of insecurity and have a disruptive effect on other areas of your life.

In conflict coaching, through my help, you will find out which aspects to the conflict you can act upon and how you can deal with those that seem to leave you powerless. You will learn to better determine, understand and represent your own point of view, so that you can face the situation with more self-confidence.

So, the primary goal is not to resolve a conflict – for that, it really takes two. Conflict coaching helps you to bring clarity in how you want to relate to it and to those involved. It is not uncommon for a conflict to take a positive turn after one party has managed to reposition themselves with a better understanding and a more independent attitude.

I offer conflict coaching in sessions of 60 or 90 minutes, either in person in Berlin Kreuzberg or Weißensee or online.

Do contact me to find out more or to book an appointment.