Mediation is a procedure for resolving deadlocked conflicts in many areas of life, be it family and friendships, in a professional context or in other forms of community. Through the help of mediation, disrupted communication can be restored. This enables the development of solutions, that are – in contrast to court proceedings – promising and profitable for both parties.

The goal of mediation is the consensual, extra-judicial resolution of a conflict – made possible by a mutual exchange about its background. In principle, the process is confidential and voluntary for the parties involved.

As a mediator, I am independent and impartial. I accompany both parties in the conflict in their solving process, in which I am responsible for the procedure being clearly structured. The parties propose and contribute their own solutions, in accordance with their own wishes and capabilities – they are the ones who will implement these solutions in the future. I assist in verifying whether an agreement makes sense and that it is feasible.

As an out-of-court procedure, mediation saves time and money. Moreover, its background-clarifying aspect can actually improve and deepen the relationship between the parties to the dispute.

A mediation can be conducted by one or two mediators. I am part of a network of qualified mediators in Berlin and, depending on the type of conflict, I conduct mediation processes alone or in co-mediation, in person, or online.

If you are interested in a mediation, we will initially discuss in a free preliminary meeting whether mediation is appropiate and desirable for all parties involved. We will clarify terms and conditions and costs and set a date for a first session. As a rule, three to five sessions of approximately 90 minutes should be planned for a fully completed mediation. Depending on the complexity of the dispute, fewer or more sessions may be necessary.

Some legal insurances cover the costs of mediation. It is worthwhile to find out about the possibilities there.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to book a mediation.